Fit Moda aims to become one of India’s most-trusted online store, focusing on world-class sports and fitness active wear by popular Brazilian brands for Women. The sports and active wear brands associated with Fit Moda are to be recognized as some of the main companies in the active wear segment in Brazil and abroad, recognized by the fashion concept, technology, quality, differential in service and style.

Fit Moda is founded with a belief that life is outdoors and our mission is simple – to offer our customers products of highest quality, flawless design and excellent functionality to amazing prices suited for all levels of practitioners regardless of experience or level of ambition.

Fit Moda is founded by Kanika Gupta with a burning passion for sports and outdoor life. It all started about 6 years ago. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years.

For years she saw members come and go and not really care about their attire.  But then right out of the stone age, “Selfies” were born. Yes, the cellphone was everywhere. One couldn’t walk through a gym without seeing a sea of them.  Everyone just stood between sets snapping shots of themselves.  It was cool to look at the fit bodies enjoying their results.

Suddenly a new trend was born where women started coming into the gym in very unique outfits.  Most of which she had never seen.  She had to ask, and got the answers. This made coming to the gym more fun for her by just watching these trend setters snap shots of their cool outfits.

Soon she became a part of that trend, buying cool outfits and then becoming an expert in picking out just the right sets.  She decided to research the business of fitness active wear and found that it was something she really enjoyed.  For her research she visited Europe to get a better knowledge about the active wear industry. She learnt about the well established brands there and how they focus on creating better quality fabric. Her judgment of using a high-quality fabric to create fitness active wear came from the survey she conducted during her Europe visit. Many people complained about their active wear going transparent while performing various activities like stretching or doing yoga. She knew then that her brand, Fit Moda, would never disappoint its customers when it comes to the quality of fabric used for the active wear. 

She is a perfectionist and spends hours finding the best for the buck.  Brazilian brands were her first love.  They were unique and eye catching.  Most of all they were sexy.  She searched for the best fitness gear available in Brazil. Her drive to create an online store where you can find what you need to be at your absolute best has established what today is known as Fit Moda. Since then, she has added different brands from all over Brazil. 

Kanika still visits her gym just to speak to the members and her customers to find out what they like and what they want. Her customers know they can always contact her directly if they need, and not be forwarded to machines.

Being outdoor and working out is not only healthy and fun but we also love the style aspect. Working closely with brands like CAJUBRASIL, LABELLAMAFIA and SUPER HOT, we at FIT MODA strive to show you the most updated, high-quality on-trend styles within the sports and fitness active wear segment.